Tokyo is the brightest, the busiest and most colourful city I have ever seen. The capital for nearly 13 million people. Lots of cars, people, neon lights, shops, adverts and restaurants. This city never sleeps and you can find here anything you need from crazy entertainment games stores, robot restaurants to quiet and big parks and gardens. This metropolis is very well connected by many subway lines and buses, so it is impossible to get lost here as the metro station is on every corner. Japan is a very well organised country. I was surprised how the city is already prepared for Olympics 2020. English is the second language in the metro, buses, stations, shopping malls and restaurants what is helpful for foreigners. My favourite districts are Shibuya, Shinjuku and Akihabara. To be honest, Japan is 10 years ahead of everyone.

When you tired of city lights, noises and big crowd you can escape to wonderful places outside Tokyo. Nikko is the Wolrds Heritage Site where you can find plenty of stunning temples and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Another destination is just 1 hour from Tokyo and it is called Hakone. The area is greatly prepared for the tourist with good public transport: ferries, trains and cable cars. On the top of mount Hakone is a breath-taking view of Mount Fuji. The highest peak in Japan and it’s an iconic symbol of the country. 
Another great 1 hour trip from Tokyo is Kamakura where is the biggest Buddha statue in Japan and some more temples. 

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