Libon is one of “the sweetest” cities in Europe.  The place where you can taste a mouth-watering sweets called Pastel de Nata. You will find here many cute restaurants and the coffee shops. Lisbon is loved by photographers and offers many fantastic spots for photo shoots. The location of the city itself is just stunning, between the sea and the hills with many touristic attractions around.

Sintra is a fairytale. Everything there looks unreal. Beautiful castles, nature and magic places. Starting with amazing Pena Palace and finishing in Quinta da Regaleira. This place is only 1 hour away from Lisbon but simply it can not be missed. Sintra is all about colours, breathtaking architecture and nature. It’s a dangerously beautiful mix.

Porto has the most incredible location.  This place is completely different than Lisbon but also very beautiful. Porto produces the most recognizable sweet wine of the same name as the city. Give it a try! 

Algarve is a great place to visit in the south of Portugal where you can explore completely different scenery with lots of rocks close to the seaside. It’s a fantastic spot for holidays almost 365 days a year with great sunny weather. The biggest city is Faro but the most popular among tourists is Albufeira.

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