Osaka is a fantastic city for food lovers. The most interesting district is Dotonbori with streets glowing at night full of colourful neons and adverts. Perfect place for photographers! The main street is located on a canal which can remind a bit of Amsterdam to European tourists. You can find here many restaurants and different types of street foods. The most famous snack is delicious fried octopus balls called Tako-Yaki.

Another tourist attraction is a beautiful Osaka Castle located not far from the modern city centre. The castle is one of Japan’s most famous landmarks surrounded by a very nice park and outer moat. It’s a place which needs to be discovered to take some photos

One of my favourite spots in Japan and a hidden gem in the mountains is a place called Koyasan. This very well preserved Worlds Heritage Site is located on Mount Koya and to get there you need to travel by a cable car and a bus. This village has very beautiful temples and the oldest monk’s cemetery located between very high trees. It’s a spectacular experience to walk through that place during the day and also at night accompanied by the light of the lantern. Koyasan is a very picturesque place so the only thing you need is a camera. The best time to visit this place is autumn!

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