Morocco is a perfect destination for all of those who love photography and adventure. I spent 10 amazing days in this country but I wish to come back here anytime soon to explore more.  I visited many fantastic places and my camera was constantly on.  

Rabat is the capital of Morocco. This city is not very touristy but it is worth stopping here at least for 1 day to explore some highlights. 

Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco which it is very well known because of the movie of the same name.  The most beautiful piece of architecture is The Hassan II Mosque. I was really impressed by this building and I loved all my photos taken here.  Perfect spot for photographers! 

Marrakesh is the most famous city in Morocco which is visited by many tourists every year. This very interesting place has Medina of Marrakesh (old town square) surrounded by the well. You can find here and experience many local hostels (Riads). The most popular highlights of this town are:  Jemaa el-Fnaa  (Large public square with small merchants, hawkers & entertainers, popular with tourists & locals), The Majorelle Garden (Garden by artist Jacques Majorelle, with exotic plants, water features & a museum of Berber culture), Bahia Place  (Vast, intricately designed palace with 160 rooms, courtyards & 8 acres of gardens), Koutoubia Mosque (This large 12th-century Almohad-style mosque features a plaza with gardens & a fountain). Marrakesh is a very colourful city with plenty of great spots for photographers. 

Fez is a very similar city to Marrakesh, but I would never dare to compare them. They are both very unique. While you are in Fez, you need to make a step to the Chouara Tannery! That is the place where you will see the landscape of the colourful vats and where you will be excited to take some great shots – just bear in mind about all the rotting smells, so hold the mint under your nose. You also need to visit: Bou Inania Madrasa, Al-Attarine Madrasa, Bab Bou Jeloud, Andalusian Mosque and The Royal Palace.

Chefchaouen is the bluest city in the world. Located only 2,5 hours away by bus from Fez. What it is famous for are the buildings and walls painted in blue colours. It gives the city a unique character. Make sure you will stay here at least 2 days – there is a lot to photograph. 

Merzouga / Sahara desert is my favourite place in Morocco. I have never seen such a peaceful, quiet and stunning place where I was able to experience an overnight stay in the middle of the desert. This place is famous for camel and 4×4 jeep rides through the dunes – what can be a great fun. The sunset there is unforgettable!

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