Hiroshima is a city that needs no introduction. It’s a very well known place because of its sad history. These days Hiroshima is nothing like the city we know from history books. The city is completely re-built and looks like any other Japanese city. The only place that reminds you of its past is Atomic Bomb Dome and memorial monuments. Apart of that, Hiroshima has also a very beautiful castle and the park – which are worth visiting too.

While you are in Hiroshima – it is a must to visit Miyajima Island. Located only 1 hour away by train and ferry. The island is really beautiful and it is a great escape from busy city towards nature. You will find there a lot of friendly deer walking between people. Close to the seafront, you can spot the Grand Torii on the water and Itsukushima and Maroudo Shrines. My favourite place is Mount Misen which is the highest peak of the island. To get there you can use a cable car or hike (which is very pleasant too). On the top, you can admire an amazing panorama view. My advice is: Do not go there without the camera – it is necessary to have it with you!

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