Mostar is a lovely town lies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is best known for the Stari Most (Old Bridge) – a 16th century Ottoman bridge – which crosses the Neretva river. This city is an ideal place to go for a cultural break. It most visitors coming to this place while visiting a neighbouring country – Croatia. The country has a very unique history, from its time in the Ottoman Empire to being part of Yugoslavia, is reflected in the grandeur of its wide-ranging architecture, while the relaxed atmosphere makes it perfect for a short break. The old town has many local restaurants serving delicious food and Turkish coffee. I simply love this city! 

Stretching over 100m, the cascading Kravice Falls are one of the largest waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The beautiful waterfalls have a natural pool at the base and are a popular swimming spot and an excellent day trip just 40km from Mostar.

Must visit: Mostar, Kravice Falls, Blagaj Monastery

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